In response to Flickrcomments weekly ABC Challenge, which is a cool thing to check out by the way, I’m re-posting (not composting!) this piece I wrote on Creation……

This one is for all the artists out there, as it talks to the creative process. It’s a bit of an admonition to not take your creation, your art, as well as your self, so seriously since everything – and that’s Every Thing – is a work of creation. As my grandmother used to say, “Cats have kittens”.

Click to hear this rare and terribly serious, philosophical song that I’ve just written called Works of Creation. Lyrics below. I figure it goes together with this little post of a haiku – plus some cool pictures – which I posted earlier in July. I’m re-posting the haiku and adding this song – which begs for a singer. Anyway…..

There’s the birds chirping in the trees
And there’s those old songs of our memories
And there’s a song in my heart
They all take part
In the work of creation

Now what kind of creation are you talkin’ about?
What kind of creation is that you mean?
It’s what it is that we be going through
We’re all just one work of creation

All the people ‘cross the seas
All your distant memories
All the flowers and all the bees
They’re all works of creation

Call it what you like
Call it day and night
But the whole world that you see
Is just a work of creation

Everything in your heart
Everything is a part….
Take me by the hand
We’re all works of creation

Where Is My Soul? – A Haiku

Where is my soul?

Who’s talking now?

Big Bang