Midnight Special

images-1My friend Frizz was commenting about the song Midnight Special, so I checked my old post of it, listened to it, didn’t like the way I did it, and finally deleted it. So I started anew with this post titled

The Midnight Special.

Midnight Special, it’s perhaps the greatest of Leadbelly’s songs – although Irene Goodnight certainly rivals it.images

The way Midnight Special springs into the fourth to start each verse – it’s just a beautiful blues, nearly a rock n’ roll song.

I’ll also include another Leadbelly song I played today Pick a Bale of Cotton. I don’t know if Leadbelly wrote Pick a Bale. Leadbelly was also a great repository (if that’s a word) of folksongs. If you listen to the Library of Congress records of him just talking and playing for Alan Lomax, you can get an appreciation of the man Hudie Ledbetter and his musical genius.



OK, this last picture is not a photo of the Midnight Special. It’s the Thru Express which runs from Manhattan to the Bronx. Hurray for the Thru Express.

14 thoughts on “Midnight Special

  1. Totally relished your post, dear Steve! “midnight special” has always been one of my very favourites – it has a tale of its own that never loses essence no matter how many times I listen to it.
    You added a smile on my face, thankyou, my dear mate. Happiness and love to you, always.

    1. Ahh, so nice to hear your sweet words. The story I think of is Leadbelly’s own. His release from prison, the part about Miss Rosie and the paper in her hand. I’m glad to play one of your favorites and to bring a smile to your face is a great reward. Be well Shaheen. And we will keep in touch.

    1. Well, after what we’ve been saying about the pope, I’m not so sure if that’s a compliment.
      However, if Leadbelly were the pope, Sonny Terry a Cardinal, and Muddy Waters a Bishop…

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