Blame Marina Kanavaki for encouraging me, but here’s another stab at the song I did yesterday. I hope “stab” wasn’t too graphic a depiction. I’m still working on it. But this time I added another track of piano. So click to hear a train on two tracks, which sounds quite proper, a train on two tracks, but it isn’t. Huh??. The song is about the machine, the system, the corporate web of intrigue that has so stupefied people for so long. So the song says “Wake up, people, the train already run through your town” I think everybody knows that, as there’s such dissatisfaction with the political system(s), at least in the US – and, I think, nearly everywhere in the world. The political systems are overwhelmed, corrupted by the power of wealthy interests. What are the people to do?

The last verse isn’t quite clear in the recording

I got the news/Riding the bus this morning

It happened right in front of my eyes

And I tell you, buddy, there was no warning

Hey, the train. It run through your town.

And, as I said to Marina, such a description of the current political landscape certainly does put people in a corner, a hard situation. But seeing the truth, seeing events plainly and accurately is a good way to begin the long journey back home.