Here’s the photo prompt for this week’s Friday Fictioneer challenge, which I confess I haven’t done for a good month of Fridays…Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

Marcus staggered toward the farmhouse. Since last night he had barely stopped running. Perhaps he could lie down for an hour. Maybe pick up some food. Quietly he slipped inside the musty barn. He was greeted by a small child.

“Who are you?”

“Oh, my name is Marcus.”

“I’m Samantha”

“Samantha, do you have any food? I mean does your Mom…”

“Sure. We had pancakes for breakfast.”


“Yes! You want maple syrup?”

“Maple syrup…. Yes, Samantha”

Marcus lay down on a small pile of straw.

Most likely this would be his last meal, he thought.