Fightin’ a Losin’ Battle But Havin’ a Lot of Fun Trying to Win ranks as one of the greatest songtitles of all time. And the way Brownie used to sing it was just something beautiful. The lyrics and the progression are both things of beauty. Check out Brownie McGee. Meanwhile click below to hear Bumba do it. The song is: Fightin’ a Losin Battle But Having a Lot of Fun Trying to Win by Brownie McGee. It begins:

You know it’s hard to love another man’s woman

Can’t see her when you want to gotta see her when you can

I may be fighting a losing battle but having a lot of fun

Trying to win

I thought it over these two points of view.

You know a one-way lovin just ain’t no good for two

I may be fightin’ a losin’ battle but havin’ a lot of fun tryin’ to win.