I was thinking about classic folk songs, songs that have lasted and stood the test of time. There are many of course in all languages and cultures. Today, of course, the traditional folk traditions have been usurped or engulfed by modern communications, and we wonder what will survive. Traditional cultures are being erased. History pared down, rewritten. What will last? What will the world look like? Jeepers Creepers! This is all by way of introducing this next song, which dates back 150 years or so – to a story about a gal named Frankie who shot her man because he was cheating on her. There are lots of versions, all of which include the refrain. “She shot her man ’cause he was doing her wrong.” A lot of women can rally ’round that one. It tells a story, which is what we like here at Bumbastories. So join in, it’s a great song.images-4

Frankie and Johnnie were sweethearts

Oh what a couple in love

They swore to be true to each other

As true as the stars above

He was her man

But he was doin’ her wrong