Our Bumbastories reporter in the field (He’s an outstanding man in his field. In fact he’s out there standing in the field most of the time, he is). Well, he has bravely filed the following news update:

The Cement Elephant Sculptures Move!!!!!

“How can that be?” you ask.

Well, look for yourself.

Our intrepid reporter took the above photo back in October. And now, look again at the second photo taken in February by the very same intrepid reporter who clearly has a nose for a scoop (or is it a scoop for a nose? No that’s the elephant). You can see it! There it is! The elephant, the cement elephant has definitely moved!!!! How can it be? How can a cement elephant move?
Some things are apparently beyond human understanding. Quantum physics, cement elephants, it’s beyond human understanding! But wait! Perhaps Franklin, the cement elephant universally esteemed for his wisdom, can help us out.

Franklin, oh great cement elephant, what wisdom can you share with us? Help us now, dear Franklin, in our hour of need.