IMG_0334It’s amazing. The entire scientific community is astir!

Since last week’s Bumbastoriesreport – a report filed by Bumbastories‘ very own intrepid reporter (who asks to remain anonymous for reasons of his own personal safety and sanity) – this amazing story of the movement in space and time of the cement elephant has garnered the interest of scientists world-wide.IMG_0335

Of course, much of the news coverage has featured the “human” side of the story: the heart-warming reunification of these charming and lovable cement creatures. However, the big story here is this “quantum leap”, this Schrodinger’s “cement elephant in the box” quantum paradox that plays out before our very eyes: the movementDSCN0855 of a cement elephant through space-time.

Now he’s here and now he’s there. Or is it here again?

Here? There? Everywhere?

How can any particle or wave or cement elephant be in two places at the same time????????????????????????????????????????



We turn once again to the wisdom of Franklin, the cement elephant.

“Oh Franklin, cement elephant of great renown, can you offer us any explanation for this mysterious movement through space-time?”



“Uh. Maybe he swam?”