Good Morning Blues

images-2OK, I did this one this morning. The Morning Blues and the general subject of blues in the A.M. hours is a popular one, and the line ‘Good morning blues, blues how do you do?’ is popular as well – and one which I used to start this song. So there you go. There are lots of kinds of blues of course. There are morning blues, evening blues, blues in the middle of the night blues, blues my naughty sweety gives to me blues. There’s the Lovesick Blues, there’s Kansas City blues, there’s San Francisco Bay blues. Don’t get me started. Anyway, this song says “so long”, to the blues. Specifically, “So long blues I don’t need you no more”. A somewhat original (in the blues there is nothing that is original) lyric that brings, I think, a hopeful approach to the problems of life. I used two tracks to record this one, adding on a harmonica track afterwards.

14 thoughts on “Good Morning Blues

    1. Thanks Marina. I usually just scroll through the Google offerings. I did think of blue period paintings. Maybe I’ll add some guitars. Did Picasso do any harmonicas?

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