imagesimagesRamblin’ Jack Elliot would introduce this song by saying that “Lovesick Blues is an apt title for this next song because I’m sick of it.”
Then he would add with great charm that he’d learned to love the song all over again. Then he’d finally play it. It’s such a great song. Bumbastories has already done this one several times on the blog, but what the heck, I still haven’t gotten sick of it!

Anywaze, here goes again.
Of course it’s one of Hank Williams’ big hits. Written in the 40’s by Cliff Friend and Irving Mills in 1922. Lovesick Blues is just a great song. So sing along. This song calls for a real voice. I did put in a harmonica track and that covers things up a bit. But let’s face it. Bumba does not sing so very well. So help out and sing this song too!

images-1images-3imagesCheck out Jackimages-6 Elliot’s version, Hank’s version of course, and keep playing that country music.

Yours truly,