I’m talking about the song Easy Rider!

Easy Rider is the penultimate blues song. Perhaps the ultimate blues song. The progression is the standard 12 bar blues. It’s been done so many times, it’s something very basic.

The song has many versions of course. Such is the nature of folk songs. . The songs change over time, they evolve. The tune can vary a bit. Sometimes the song is called called CC Rider or See See Rider.  Anyway, there are all kinds of words for this song, and a lot of interpretations.

Ma Rainey recorded it first as See See Rider in 1924, but the song is much older than that. I believe I myself was introduced to the song by Mitch Rider and the Detroit Wheels (It was at a party in Detroit and we had a couple of dances, but that’s all). Later I heard Leadbelly do it, then Sonny and Brownie used to do it a lot. So I was playing it the other day and added a second track of piano, so here it is for your listening pleasure I hope. And if you’re not familiar with the song, then check it out.

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