imagesA Bumbastories confession: I watch CSPAN. A lot of people think that’s weird. Aside from the basketball and baseball games, I watch the news. CSPAN is the best. There are no commercials! The congressional hearings, interviews, book reviews, and news shows that CSPAN so excellently covers are simply interesting to watch. It’s important to me to be informed and to receive my news from unbiased- dare I say the word? – objective sources. I realize that this interest in politics is out of fashion. Most people try to avoid the politics. It makes them angry and it’s just too depressing, they say.

And that is quite true. It is depressing and the first instinct is to avoid it. As a result, most people aren’t very particular, and usually rely on network/corporate media for their news. They are fed a lot of pulp and stuff that is designed to arouse them emotionally. Their anger is stoked in order to keep them watching. Talk radio is completely an anger-based medium. TV exploits anger too. I don’t think it’s any great evil plot; the TV stations just want to keep you watching. People are angry. They wish they could change the current political system but think it’s impossible. They’ve given up. They distrust government and they take little political action. Most people don’t want to be more informed. They’ve heard enough.

How much of this attitude is the result of deliberate brainwashing? Well, Ronald Reagan achieved tremendous political success by telling people, the doped-up American citizenry, that their government was their enemy. Amazingly, that line still seems to work very well – together with an entertainment-first approach. The current communications matrix of ubiquitous links and continuous noise is an ideal brainwashing machine, is it not? We are fed so much useless information, we are swamped with so much gossip and nonsense that we miss the real story, the big picture. It works out well for the powers that be. Ah, but who are the “powers that be” exactly?

Well, Bumba is here to set you straight. I’ve Got the News. I’ve recorded it again. Changed the lyrics a bit. If you want to listen go ahead, click on the arrow. I present the lyrics so you can help me out, sing along. Perhaps you can add your own track to it. News 

I got the news

It come over the radio

A voice was speaking in even tones

Said the stock market had hit it’s lowest low

Hey, I gotta tell you what’s goin’ on

Better hang on tight

‘Cause we’re gonna have to stand up strong

I got the news

It came in over my new internet server

Said something about a bank-transferred take-over

A bunch of billionaires and a corporate merger

Hey, I got the news

They already run a train through your town

And now you better wake up fast

Gonna have to stand up strong

I got the news

I heard in on the oldies station

A voice was singin’ soft and low

Sayin people, people, people gotta come together

Hey, yeah I got the news

Better wake up fast

“Cause you’re gonna have to stand up strong

Gonna have to stand up strong