IMG_0216IMG_0219I sung this one again the other day, but changed the tune and the lyrics. Otherwise it’s the same as last week’s post Paths of Many Wonders. Huh?

I did walk down paths of many wonders

I have walked in the forest in the afternoon

And I came back from the path of many wonders

I am walking the same path now


I have walked a path of many wonders

I see wonders everywhere

Since I walked the path of many wonders

I see wonders everywhere

Following is an excerpt from my novel One Life or the Lives of Chester Knowles. Chester Knowles, who everyone except for the reader thinks is dead, has just emerged from a months-long state of amnesia. He has re-discovered his identity and past:

Funny, now that he had recalled the missing part of his life – the piece that he had missed so much – now that he had it, it was no longer special. It was just another piece of the past. True, everything fit now, everything made sense. He was Chester Knowles, and logic and rationality could again take over. But they didn’t. There was no satisfaction in explanations anymore. Instead, what remained with him was simply a longing, a longing for beauty, and for freedom. A desire for beauty: for the mountains, for the sun, the ocean, for the trees, the birds, even for the people. There was a rhythm and beauty that called to him – a beauty that called to him.IMG_0219 He could almost hear it. The beauty was everywhere. Chester could stay in LA; or just as easily he could go anywhere. He only knew that he wanted beauty. He wanted the feeling of the forest.