imagesimages-2Here (No pun intended with hear)  this song of wisdom and elegance played by Bumba so you could sing along.

This is a


And, believe me, once you hear the piano playing you’ll understand why I used the word challenge.

Click on either of the buttons below only if you’re going to sing along. Bumba has spared you the pleasure of his croakings and pretty much played an accompaniment for your vocal. Sort of a karaoke thing. The song Let It Be by Lennon&McCartney is a great rock/pop classic!

Click either one to sing Let It Be. Warning: the second one is kind of sad.

Often on this blog I’ve presented old songs that I consider classics and certainly one test of the quality of a work of art is its endurance over the passage of time. So we ponder here at Bumbastories (we do an awful lot of pondering here at Bumbastories), we ponder which of today’s songs are of classic quality, i.e., that people will still be singing them 50 or 100 years from now. Certainly the entire Beatle repertoire looks to be off to a good start in this respect. The Beatles are still extremely popular. But which of the Beatles songs -if any – will people be singing in 2113?

Let It Be is one of their most anthemic (Now, how many songwriters have written more than one song that was “anthemic”? Irving Berlin, Gerschwin?) Anyhow, hats off to the great Paul McCartney, and to John Lennon may he rest in peace, to George Harrison may he rest in peace as well, and Ringo, God love him. We hopes you sing along.


The song is a great one, in my opinion, because of the elegance of the chord progression. The words, the imagery of the lyrics are masterful as well. The song is playable by the beginner musician (which is why I play it, and why you can play it too).

The chords (in C) are:  C then G, to the Am to the F. The C again. G. F..C.

and the chorus goes into the Am: Am then G, F, C. C, G,F..C

A very simple chord progression that no one had done before. Or since, except for when they play this song. Huh?images-4