Bumbastories announces a world-wide competition:

Words that you can’t stand. Words that you wish other people wouldn’t say all the time. Words that are trite. Words that are just dumb and people use them way too much. Like all the time!

And sometimes you even hear yourself using them!

Words like ACTUALLY. The way some people apparently feel compelled to pepper their admittedly bland speech with ACTUALLYs. As in “ACTUALLY I was just leaving the building, but now that you’re here I think I’ll ACTUALLY stay for some lunch”

Actually, sometimes I myself …..(Ooops)

Then there’s the silly little SO. Now SO is all right in its place. In the beginning of a sentence SO is just fine. As in “So, as I was saying…”

Or “So, what’s the story, Jerry?”

People often say “I am SO sorry”, and I guess that’s all right. But it’s starting to push it a little bit.

Because before you know it, it’s “I am SO excited about that new TV show. Like (Oh yeah, there’s another one: LIKE. One of the perennials) Like (sorry) “I am SO into this group”.

There’s way too much of this SOOO-ing going on.

There are, unfortunately, lots of words that make me grind my teeth, as the title says. Like a scratchy chalk on a damp chalkboard.

Words like………

Well, you fill in the blanks. Send in your favorite hated words (No oxymoron intended) Send in your comments, which are always welcome of course. Last week Bumbastories did a feature article on “you guys”, so you can’t use that one.

Please send in your nominations for the most annoying words. There are plenty of ’em. Words that ruffle your feathers, rankle your rinky dinks, irk your Earkel, pull your chain, get your knickers in knots, and shiver ye timbers. Words that……

The winner of this special competition wins a free copy of Stephen Baum’s Up in the Bronx novel. Second place prize is two free copies of Up in the Bronx.