Bumbastories thanks the brave and intrepid readers who commented on the “Worst Words” of the week challenge. Entries and comments are still welcome, though. We want everyone to have a chance. The Grand Prize for the most objectionable word remains a copy of Up in the Bronx, the celebrated novel by yours truly. And it is still up for grabs. So far there’s been some strong support in some of the Blue states for awesome. Women voters like like. Well, they kinda do.  Hispanic voters in Red areas remain uncommitted. The jury is still out!  Meanwhile Bumbastories is moving things along (or not moving at all as the case may be) in presenting a follow-up chapter in this War of the Words International Competition.

Today we focus on the journalists, that much-maligned (well, deservedly so) collection of keyboard punchers, texters, tweeters, and dweebs who have a proclivity for all sorts of adverbial abuse.

First to mind is the ever-present utterly. Most of us regular citizens do not abuse this word (which always sounds a bit awkward to me, sounds too much like an udder, which doesn’t sit well in ordinary conversation and that’s no bull, sorry. Sorry for milking that joke). In any case, or (to put the the TV pundit’s spin on it) THAT BEING SAID,  journalists utter the words UTTER and UTTERLY utterly too much (sorry again)(and again).

Utter confusion. Utter disarray. There is no plain old confusion nor any partial disarray in the newspapers. It’s utterly amazing. Really!

Other words that are popular. And very annoying!


Transparency. (Honesty is a forgotten commodity, truth and openness too much to expect).

Talking about too much to expect, REALLY, were you expecting anything better from this blog? I MEAN, LIKE….. well YOU KNOW???

There are others. Please send in your nominees for the most teeth-grinding, irksome, when-will-they-stop-using-that-word-all-the-time? word in the world.