Most people gravitate toward the concrete as opposed to the spiritual. (And this universal and genetically-wired preference is in no way any slight on the cement elephants who appear at the bottom of this page).

People, most people, simply like to talk about concrete subjects: money, food, bargain internet provider rates. Things like that. Boring stuff generally. The world of fashion, recipes. Their health and their appearance of course. These are elemental interests. Animal interests, you could say (Again, no slight on the cement elephants).

However, there remains the spiritual realm. Here one must talk of Art, the Seven Muses, Quantum Physics, the Music of the Heavenly Spheres (also seven, why is that, Billy?), Religion perhaps (well, maybe not religion). Anyhow, it’s the Spiritual. It calls to us.

Just last week Bumbastories recorded the following conversation between the cement elephants, Franklin and Hubert:IMG_0416

“Ah Franklin! Praise be the glory of the midday sun. Even to us cement elephants, limited in our travel options to this lake of tar, stuck in the mud, so to speak, for eternity. Even to us the midday sun shines as a beacon of hope.”





“Amen, Brother Hubert!”





“Yes, Franklin. I believe in taking a spiritual outlook on life, I do.”




“You are wet behind your ears… I mean wise beyond your years, Brother Hubert.”





“Thank you, Franklin.”