imagesOK, OK. I’ve posted this one before. It’s a song that I wrote back in New York thirty five years ago. Yikes! They tore down the West Side Drive right after I wrote this song. But they can’t hold that on me. I had already moved on. Other highways called.
The old Westside Drive had narrow lanes, tons of sharp curves, and sections paved with lumpy cobblestones – which made it quite an interesting experience in the rain or snow. I remember the Westside Drive fondly. I still like to sing this song, and the other day I was playing around, adding a second track (but no train, sorry). I put it on Soundcloud, and I want to see if I can link to Soundcloud. Here goes:

Driving in the morning sun on the West Side Drive
Just another day to be alive
And everybody’s got some place to go
Everybody’s acting like they knowimages-1

I’m leaving you

Sitting back I’m looking at a dream
Traffic going by like an unconscious stream
But, hey baby, don’t you call so low
I could come back, but what for?

I’m leaving you….
And so on.