The House of the Rising Sun

I know. It’s a compulsion to write on this blog: to think that I have to post something. I know. I know. I’m the one who named this blog Everydayanotherstimages-2ory in the first place. Well, it was an error on my part. All the same, and on with the show……

I’m hoping here on the blog to introduce people to some of this older, traditional music in hope that they will sing along.images

This one is a song everybody knows called House of the Rising Sun.

There is a house in New Orleans

They call the Rising Sun…..


12 thoughts on “The House of the Rising Sun

  1. OOooo, Eric Burdon, The Animals… My ex loves this one…and I still do… (my husky cold ridden voice is now purrfect for this one, well, to my cold ridden ears it is šŸ˜‰ ) !!

  2. I love this song, and I’m with Marina, the piano is wonderful. Something about it reminds me of Leon Russell (but that’s another song)………. šŸ™‚ ~ Love this. ~ Bobbie

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