images-2“Ain’t nothing like a train. That’s what I say. You can keep all your (expletive) jet airplanes, and your fancy foreign automobiles too. Time was you jes’ hopped a train, lay back in some lonesome boxcar, maybe slept one off….. And, well, before you could say Jack Robinson you were pulling into St. Louis. Or Seattle, Washington. Or Albuquerque, New Mexico. Anywhere really. Well, thems were the good ol’ days. The railroad days.”

images-2So spoke Willard “the Master” Maxwell just a few weeks before he died at age 94 last week in a San Diego nursing home.

So here are a couple of railroad songs for Willard – and for anyone else with a fondness for trains. Pick which one you like. It’s up to you.

Choo Choo Ch’ Boogie played by Preston Maybank and accompanied by Bumba


Evening Train, a Bumba “original” accompanied by Maybank

The ol’ Orange Blossom Special played by Bumba