The “As I Sat on The Bus” Invitational —— A Writing Compendium

images-2 That’s right! Send in your short stories, poems, photos, songs, and various mass transportation thoughts that begin with the words “As I sat on the bus…”

I myself like to write on the bus, so I expect to knock off one of these guys every week or so. Meanwhile send in your ‘As I sat on the bus’, or ‘As I was sitting on the bus that afternoon’, or ‘As Monsigneour d’ Escallion sat on the autobus d’un apres midi’ stories to Bumbastories – attached as links in the comments section below. Good luck!

And here is my entry: A poem images-1

As I sat on the bus

The world went by

Time raced with the sun

Eastward we flewimages

Around the sun

Around the Milky Way

Flying, hurtling, spinning through space-time

As the bus neared La Brea Boulevard


75 thoughts on “The “As I Sat on The Bus” Invitational —— A Writing Compendium

  1. Reblogged this on Sandra Conner … By The Book and commented:
    I discovered this new writing challenge this week. It’s intriguing, in that it centers around the same general theme every time, but, at the same time, allows for enormous variety. Some of you might want to check it out. It’s scheduled to renew each Sunday. I’m going to try to participate as often as I can.

  2. Hello Bumba. I thought I left this comment earlier, but I got called away from my computer, and I evidently didn’t post it. So I’ll make it again, and if you see it twice, I apologize.

    My comment was that I like your writing challenge. It’s creative and interesting, and I’ll try to participate as often as I can. My understanding is that the challenge runs weekly, from Sunday to Sunday, and as long as we get our story in each week before the following Sunday we are okay. If that is not correct, you can let me know.

    But my main question is about exactly where you want us to post our links to our new stories each week. Do you want us to come back here to the initial post and post each week, or will you be posting a story every Sunday so that we can post that week’s story on your new one?

    You may have explained that somewhere, and I missed it, but if you could give a little clarification, I’d appreciate it. I’ll also re-blog this post so my readers can learn about it.

    1. Shucks. I wish I had a clear answer. I figure you can send in contributions via comments each week. But soon I’ll create some sort of “Compendium” where all the material will be presented in organized fashion. Meanwhile send stuff in separately each week. How’s that?

      1. Yes, knew you meant to send each piece in separately and post in the “comments’ section — but WHICH comments section? — Do you mean the comments on the initial invitation site, dated June 9 — or on a new story that you will post each Sunday?

        In other words, if I write a story tonight, do you want me to post the link to it on your June 9th story, your June 10 story, or your June 21 story? If we all just take our pick, then most of us won’t know where all the other stories are. We need you to pick one place each week and tell us to post our links in the comments of that particular post. That way everyone who writes a story that week will post on the same page.

        Hope I explained my question better this time. Sorry I was not clear before. Thanks.

        1. Sandra,
          You were clear. It’s me who is hedging. Let’s send them to the latest post. I plan to post every weekend if you can wait until then. Otherwise, send them to the latest post. Hopefully I’m going to figure out how to present all the submissions in one listing.

        2. That makes sense to me. When I was hosting the ‘Thursday’s Windows’ photo challenge, I posted a picture every Thursday, and then everyone who wanted to join in just linked to that particular post. Then the next week I did the same and so on. That’s the way most of the writing challenges are working on here, so people are used to that. When I write a story, I’ll link to the most recent story you’ve done for that challenge. Thanks again.

  3. An interesting challenge, Bumba. I like it. I’ll try to take part as often as possible. If I’m understanding correctly, we consider each Sunday the beginning of a new story week, so as long as we get our story in before the following Sunday, we’re okay. If I’m wrong about that, please correct me.

    What I’m not sure about is exactly where you want us to post our links for each new story. Do we keep posting new links on this same post, or will you be posting a new story every Sunday so we can post links to the new one? We need to know exactly where to post links and find other writers’ links every week so we’ll all be on the same page (literally).

    I’ll also re-blog this post to let others know about the challenge.

        1. Buses, baby, buses. Or anything the uses mass transportation. As I sat on the train is good. Airplanes no.
          Rockets and spacecraft yes.

      1. As I sat on the first city bus I had ever been on, it felt like elevators often do: you don’t know where to look so that you don’t offend anybody. I was seated in the middle of the long seats that are in the front of the bus, where you can either look at the people directly across from you or look out the window behind them.

        I had just moved to the city from 600 miles away, and I took the bus to the first day of my new job. I wore casual clothes and carried a backpack, because I wanted to appear “casual” in a part of town that was grimy and sleazy. (I didn’t want people to think I had money, so as to prevent a pickpocket incident.)

        When a few more people got on the bus several stops later, a woman got on the bus who looked like me — although she was MUCH more overweight than I. I smiled at her in hopes I would find a smile in this new city and new experience. That smile did not come right away, since this poor lady fell right into my lap! The bus had taken the next corner on two wheels, the lady had not been hanging on, so I got to be her cushion. ๐Ÿ™‚ It was like a Laurel and Hardy episode! ๐Ÿ™‚

        I still smile when I think of this incident. It’s true that you never really know what will be coming next!

        1. Glad you liked it! It was fun writing. I don’t read your blog every day, so can you let me know when you are asking for more submissions? You could email me at the address on my contact page – thanks! Keep up the good work. ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. No. O course not. Sometimes you can open: Sitting on the bus I ….. or General De Gaule sat on the autobus while… Or……
          I thought it’s a wonderful prompt. But if you insist on stretching the limits of artistic freedom you could place General De Gaulle in a propellor-driven aeroplane and then write whatever you want…Waiting for your entry.

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