images-2 That’s right! Send in your short stories, poems, photos, songs, and various mass transportation thoughts that begin with the words “As I sat on the bus…”

I myself like to write on the bus, so I expect to knock off one of these guys every week or so. Meanwhile send in your ‘As I sat on the bus’, or ‘As I was sitting on the bus that afternoon’, or ‘As Monsigneour d’ Escallion sat on the autobus d’un apres midi’ stories to Bumbastories – attached as links in the comments section below. Good luck!

And here is my entry: A poem images-1

As I sat on the bus

The world went by

Time raced with the sun

Eastward we flewimages

Around the sun

Around the Milky Way

Flying, hurtling, spinning through space-time

As the bus neared La Brea Boulevard