OK. OK. Just to show you how simple it is to start a short piece with “As I sat on the bus….” here’s one by our friend George Packard. (Bumba and myself sometimes call on George Packard to help us out with these stories)

George Packard, retired schoolteacher, sat on the bus.

George Packard was headed to the library where perhaps he would scribble some words of wisdom. The Bumbastories guy wanted more stuff to post on his blog. Whatever. George didn’t mind writing. The blogging part was silly of course, and self-indugent. George Packard was not a great artist; he was no great writer. He knew that.

The night before, he and Kathy had rented the movie “The Artist” – that silent black and white flick that won all the Oscars last year. George hadn’t been much impressed by “The Artist”, although it surely made a noble stab at recreating the lost silent movie “genre”. George made a mental note to watch some Chaplin soon. “City Lights” or perhaps “The Circus”. Chaplin instinctively knew how to create powerful drama. Somehow, the drama amplified the comedy. There was nothing like Chaplin.

George walked on some of the quiet streets around the library. It was a strange but familiar phenomenon: Once you got off the main boulevards, the streets, the residential streets, grew quiet. It was so much healthier to walk in quiet. The noise was not healthy, thought George.IMG_0503 IMG_0504 IMG_0505