That’s right! Send in your short stories, poems, photos, songs, and various mass transportation thoughts that begin with the words “As I sat on the bus…”

Add to the compendium with your own composition…..

Anyway, here’s my contribution for this week. It’s a bit “creative” for me. It was a long bus ride.

IMG_0573As I sat on the bus I tried to gather my thoughts. Indeed, I tried to stop them. They, the thoughts, were bothering me.

I still felt bad about murdering Sandra. The other murder that happened that same day, Malcolm….well, that didn’t bother me much. Because it was Malcolm who just burst into the room like that – without knocking I may add. So if he hadn’t have been such a busybody he never would have gotten himself killed like he did. So I don’t feel bad about Malcolm. I never liked Malcolm anyway. But murdering Sandra bothered me.

I used to like Sandra very much. That’s what it was. Sandra was very pretty and she was very nice to me. Sandra was a beautiful person, at least to me she was beautiful. And that’s the main thing about love. The way you yourself feel, right? Because Sandra and I had already made love several times, and I thought we had a good thing going. You know, we had an empathy, real communication, a lot in common. We had a real good thing going….. OK. I loved her.

So, when she told me that she was going to go out with Peter… Wow, that was a meltdown for me. Peter is a guy from work that I can’t stand, a real jerk. Anyway, when she told me about Peter I just flipped out. I kind of lost it. Before I knew it I was choking her, gripping tighter and tighter. And then suddenly she went slack, and she was dead.

I was very sad. Nonetheless, I did have the presence of mind to wipe off all the fingerprints. I must say that I did that cleaning job really careful. I even wiped off her neck. And believe me, that wasn’t easy. I used a bunch of alcohol towelette wipee things. Sandra had a box of them on the table.

So I never got caught, at least so far. It’s been three weeks already. I guess I’m just lucky.