I’ve been working on this song called “Going to New Orleans”. I’m trying to combine two sections, a fast section and a slow, switching-to-minor-key section, all into one song. .

I’m still not sure it’s a good idea. The words that are stuck in my head for this song are “Going back to New Orleans” or something like that.

It is amazing how much music has come out of New Orleans. Clearly the city’s history of cultural interersections, interminglings, and confluences – together with its location on one of the world’s great river deltas – makes New Orleans a special place. And one cannot think of New Orleans without thinking of the Katrina hurricane and the terrible destruction of the flooding. But one hopes the best for the city. I myself hope to visit there soon.

Goin back to New Orleans.

Goin on back to the Land of Dreams

Goin back

To New Orleans.images-1images

Gonna walk down Basin Street

When I hear that music, gonna shuffle my feet

When I get down  – to New Orleans

Hey baby take my hand

Don’tcha wanna go to the promised land?

Dontcha wanna go to New Orleans?

Ohhhh, but the waters they come down

Ohhhh, the waters they come down

Ohhh the waters they come down

Ohh them awfuls days

But I’m going back to New Orleans

Gonna ride that Mississippi Queen

Gonna watch the sun come up over New Orleans

Well I never been to New Orleans

But I’m gonna go there yes I am

Gonna go

To New Orleans