It’s time to write something that starts with the the phrase “As I sat on the bus”. However, Bumbastories very generously and graciously permits a lot of artistic freedom. You can write anything that uses public transportation!

Send them in via the comments section.

My entry this week features the song “Easy Chair” by Bob Dylan. It’s a lovely, sweet song that is on his Basement Tapes album. First recorded by the Byrds, it’s been done by many artists – most recently by Bumba and Maybank.

As I sat on the bus I began to dream.

I dreamt of a life, another life, an easy life.

I dreamt I had my feet up with nothing on my mind.

Ah, sweet nothing on my mind.

I could feel it.

I nodded off.


I woke up at my stop

And headed for work.

I was still dreaming.