As I Sat On The Bus

It’s time to write something that starts with the the phrase “As I sat on the bus”. However, Bumbastories very generously and graciously permits a lot of artistic freedom. You can write anything that uses public transportation!

Send them in via the comments section.

My entry this week features the song “Easy Chair” by Bob Dylan. It’s a lovely, sweet song that is on his Basement Tapes album. First recorded by the Byrds, it’s been done by many artists – most recently by Bumba and Maybank.

As I sat on the bus I began to dream.

I dreamt of a life, another life, an easy life.

I dreamt I had my feet up with nothing on my mind.

Ah, sweet nothing on my mind.

I could feel it.

I nodded off.


I woke up at my stop

And headed for work.

I was still dreaming.

15 thoughts on “As I Sat On The Bus

    1. I’ll post another bus ride story over the weekend. I’m not sure how to move them around. Your story fits fine here – or anywhere.

  1. Well, Bumba, here’s my bus story — finally. It’s dated to be for this week’s challenge — running from June 23-June 30 — so I’m getting it in just under the wire. I’ll try to do better next week. But it just so happens that the ‘Friday Fictioneers’ challenge also called for a bus story this week, so I wrote one for that challenge (although it us supposed to be 100 words (give or take a few). Then I had this bright idea to make the story for your challenge show the other side of the coin (another character’s perspective of the same event). You weren’t as restrictive with words, so the one for here is a little longer. Each story has the link to the companion story as well. That way all the writers who do ‘Friday Fictioneers’ will find out about your challenge too.

    Whew! Here’s the link to “As Cody Sat on the Bus”

  2. oooo eeee, (you’re so lucky you can’t hear me!! Sing? oh yes, sounds good in my head) πŸ˜‰ … but enjoyed your rendition whilst drinking my first mug of coffee of the day. xx

  3. as I sat on the bus
    the world sauntered by
    people and places I loved
    moved to remember
    one more coming back
    were glass but a vision
    of heaven above
    I sat here waiting
    as the light moved to change –
    as the past rolled
    behind us –
    all I knew rearranged

    1. It’s true that time rolls by, saunters by, like the passing scenery. And we move forward to new vistas and days ahead. Of course even the slowest creakiest buses reach the end of the line. But then the driver gets to have a coffee break.

  4. As I sat on the bus and peered out the window, the glass blurred. Was it the weeping rain, washing the glass? No, It was my tears and thoughts of you. (Word count 31)

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