1. http://misskzebra.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/fleeting-copyright-indira-mukherjee.jpgSo appears Rochell Wisoff’s photo prompt for this week’s _ almost last week’s, it’s Sunday after all – Friday Fictioneers 100 word story challenge. Since Bumbastories is actively engaged (risen from the couch) in the “As I Sat On The Bus” International Invitational Mass Transportation Story Compendium and very pleased with how it’s coming along and invites everyone to visit, he feels he has to give this week’s prompt a try. After all, it’s a bus. Here goes:

The old bus passed with a heavy whiff of heat. Malcolm slowly rose and headed into the brush. Perhaps he could find some shade in there.

He walked into the hot, dry scrub. Soon he peered down into a large and deep valley. Before long he heard the sound of water. Malcolm quickened his pace. Though he had been exhausted and faint on the road, he now raced and jumped down the steep winding path. The stream was running. Malcolm ran straight into the chilly water. He bathed and drank his fill.

At that point three maidens appeared.