]images-1If you remember correctly from the Bumbastories/DaFunnyPages Contest from back in the year of two thousand and eleven, the absolutely greatest song in the history of American popular music is Georgia On My Mind, which was sung as we all know by the very great Ray Charles, and written in the year of 1935 or so by the (also) very great Hoagie Carmichael. You can check out the contest by clicking here.  It may be worth your while. You could win a lot of money! The questions are really easy and Bumba guarantees prizes of undisclosed amounts, whatever that means. Actually, I think it means you’re not going to win anything. Nada.

imagesAll the same and in any case, Georgia On My Mind by Ray Charles was the correct choice for question #2, the question being What was the greatest pop song of all time? See, we even gave you the answer again. Indeed it is a song that I, and Bumba too, always love to play. I think I mentioned in an earlier blog that I needed to learn this song all over again once I saw the sheet music – and could read it. I was playing it wrong. So it’s been an interesting learning process: unlearning and then learning again – what they call proactive inhibition in psychology circles. Proactive inhibition or not I do enjoy playing – or trying to play –  Georgia even more than before. Surely it is a bit of a challenge. The word “challenge”, by the way, is the current politically correct way to enunciate the word problemo, as in “Houston, we have a problemo”.