I was watching a video recording of Gillian Welch and David Rawlings the other day. They are wonderful by the way if you’re not familiar with them. In a brief interview after the concert sweet Gillian comments about her music: “I just love sad songs”.images-1

I think we all do. Many of the great songs are very sad. So many tell tales of woe. Anyhow, this is another compendium thing because Bumba has posted St. James Infirmary  1….2….3.4 .....times already. However, today’s version isn’t really The St. James Infirmary per se. Firstly it says St. James Hospital. And it tells a different story – a folk story that appears in other places as Streets of Loredo and other titles. Such is the nature of folk music that it shifts around and changes like that over time. The story/song tells about walking past the St. James hospital one sunny day and chancing upon a dying cowboy. The cowboy calls us over and sings this song, this really sad sung. Doc Watson does St. James Infirmary this way. He plays it a bit better than I do (understatement of the year!). But what the heck, if you’ve never heard it…. And what the heck, even if you’ve heard it before…

Warning: It is quite sad, especially the way Bumba sings sometimes. Sad. But, as I was saying, what the heck.