Frizz’s G Challenge: Guthrie

This week’s Frizz letter challenge (he goes through the alphabet inviting bloggers to send in links to any of their posts that start or are tagged with that week’s letter- in this case G)………..Ok I think you understand.

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I re-posted (sounds like composting and smells like it too, sorry) this one:

Goin’ Down the Road Feelin’ Bad


OK. It’s time for a Woody Guthrie song. Actually Goin Down the Road Feelin Bad is a traditional song, a prison song, originally called Lonesome Road Blues that Woody played too. Naturally, Woody added some lyrics of his own and introduced the song to a larger audience, me included.

To all the guitar players and singers out there, including the “singers in the showers” singers and the “I’m sorry but I’ve always had a terrible voice” vocalists, Bumbastories recommends trying these songs on.

Woody said that he didn’t like songs that make you feel like you’re not worth anything. He stated he was out to fight those songs. His songs – even this one that talks about feeling bad, not having enough money for a decent pair of shoes – lift the heart and encourage. Woody’s songs glorify the working people (not everyone is “middle class”, that’s a fact!). Woody sings (we sing) to the average women and men doing their jobs in this world the best they can, people who walk on, who don’t give up the fight.

I’m goin down the road feelin bad/yes I’m goin down the road feelin bad/I’m goin down the road feelin bad, great God/ and I ain’t gonna be treated this-a-way.

I need a $20 dollar shoe to fit my feet

Your $10 shoe don’t fit my feet

My children need three square meals a day

I’m goin where the weather suits my clothes

I’m goin where the water tastes like wine

I’m goin down the road feelin bad and I ain’t gonna be treated this a way

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