Yes, bloggers and writers, you can send in your As I Sat On The Bus contributions via the Comments section. Please do. And I hope you’ve taken notice that Bumba has expanded the range of permissible entries. First person, second person, third person, all of them are allowed. Past, present, future! It’s all a great open field! Already Bumba has expanded the permissible place of action for the As I Sat On The Bus story to include trains and any and all sorts of public transportation – including trolleys, moving sidewalks and L.A.-to-San Francisco-in-35-minutes pneumatic tubes.

However this one is on the bus again and ends (not starts) with the phrase As He Rode The Bus To Work. This little verse/story may be a bit shallow, even dull (I admit it), but at least it’s brief. Good luck on the bus. Good luck on the trains. Good luck in those pneumatic tubes!

Finally ordered at work to use the computer for all his notes,

Ralston lamented the loss of the good old days.

Cut and paste had taken over.

People thought differently, less deeply about things

It was sad

It wasn’t an improvement

No more written wordsIMG_0799

Ralston lamented the loss of the good old days

As he rode the bus to work.