images-1“Once I lived the life of a millionaire”

Woody Allen’s latest movie Blue Jasmine tells a Hollywood success story in reverse: the fall to poverty of a spoiled, thoroughly unsympathetic rich woman, played by a brilliant Kate Blanchard. From her high position in New York society as the wealthy wife of a crooked Wall street shark, played by Alex Baldwin, we watch as our poor rich lady has to eat some humble pie.images

It’s a fine movie, sprinkled with Woody’s ever-witty dialogue, and acted beautifully by all the actors. I’ve always been a Woody Allen fan. It’s a great plus that he’s still turning them out and making good movies for us to see. So a hats off to Woody Allen. And if you’ve clicked on the song, it’s Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Outย  and it was written in 1919. Me and Maybank like to play it. It’s always been a favorite of mine.