My Inner Self

The Seeker’s Dungeon has provided us writers with a prompt: Write about your inner self.

He asks us to dig in to our selves: to find our inner selves – and then write – if not
FROM the inner self, then at least ABOUT the inner self. An interesting challenge to be sure. And one from which I typically shy away. That’s just how I am.

When I write, I don’t talk about myself directly. I don’t share personal details about myself nor about those close to me. It’s true that when I write I project something, and that “something” is largely myself. All the same, there are certain things that I don’t reveal. I have my secrets. Someone might actually read my books. You never know.

Many artists, of course, have made their name, their fame, and their fortunes on self-revelatory accounts. To wit Philip Roth, Henry Miller, Hemingway in his sly way.

But the greats: Hugo, Tolstoy, Shakespeare, well, they created something far beyond their personal selves.

Sreejit, that’s Mr. Dungeon to you, makes an interesting reference to Louis Armstrong. Sreejit confesses that he’s always a bit disappointed when he sings (in the shower) when the voice that emanates from his throat is not that of Louis Armstrong, but rather is a voice that more closely resembles some nearly-on-key creaking.

So, in the name of nearly-on-key creaking and writing about the inner self, here is a song titled I Call To You that I wrote a long time ago. Apologies for the recording which isn’t so hot. But after what I’ve just said, no apologies for the voice, even though it ain’t Louis Armstrong.

I think that my music is totally an expression, a manifestation, of my inner self. In that regard, everything is a manifestation of my inner self. “He can run, but he can’t hide” said the great boxer Joe Louis.  Good old Joe, may he rest in peace.

19 thoughts on “My Inner Self

  1. Beautiful song and lyrics, Steve. Music is a wonderful instrument to express your inner self even without words. Personally I think we always keep our most inner thoughts to ourselves.
    groetjes, Francina

  2. It’s no wonder I love your work (and that you like mine)…….. We are two of the same, mysteries by choice and yet, all that we are is there for those fool enough to seek. Thank you for this reminder, Stephen. ~ For who you are under the fur……I am grateful. ~ Love, Bobbie

  3. Yes! I love it! The song is so beautiful – Thanks for sharing you inner voice with us – far more than barely on key creaking by the way, there is a lot of character in it, a lot of feeling – music is definitely the most powerful means to express the inner voice, at least it is my favorite form to take in. Thanks for this.

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