For Jason in Los Angeles it was a Beach Day.

Even better: It was a B….B…Beach Day:IMG_0862

A Bicycle, Bus, and Beach Day. A triple B special!

The weak link, though, was the middle B.

Welcome to this week’s As I Sat On The Bus/Mass Transportation Invitational. If you can think of a story or a poem, or a song, or a photo, or an essay – or just some random thoughts that begin with the phrase “As I sat on the bus” or anything remotely similar to “As I sat on the bus” – please send it in to the Comments section with an attachment to your blog and add them to Bumbastories’ “As I Sat On The Bus Compendium.


Jason waited over half an hour for the 704 Express to Santa Monica. Express bus! “That’s an oxymoron,” thought poor Jason as he waited.

Never mind. It was worth it. Jason plunged into the cool Pacific waters and forgot all about the bus.IMG_0867IMG_0864

Later, Jason had an eggplant parmigiana sandwich at Bruno’s restaurant. What a treat!

As Jason rode the “express” bus home he considered the fate of the human species.