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For this week’s Bumbastories entry, we call on our roving reporter George Packard.

George Packard, retired schoolteacher and roving reporter, sat on the bus.IMG_0781 He was headed to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Bumbastories had asked him to do some pieces on the City of Los Angeles. For George, who had lived in Los Angeles over forty years, the LACMA art museum was one of his favorite places. Currently there were plans for a total renovation of the museum buildings. A tear-it-all-down, build-it-all–all-over-again project was in the works. A very expensive project by all accounts! And not the first of the grand (grandly expensive) renovation projects to be presented to the public. George recalled that several such plans had already come and gone. The architects pocketed the money and nothing happened. “They should spend their money on purchasing a couple of Van Goghs or Rembrandts,” mused George as he stood on the balcony and looked out at LACMA’s still very lovely courtyard.


Chris Burden's kinetic sculpture "Metropolis"
Chris Burden’s kinetic sculpture “Metropolis”
Some of the oldest artwork in the museum. And among the finest!
View from above