As the official “roving reporter” for Bumbastories, George Packard was surprised when Bumba asked him to review a movie: Parallel Avenue, a new release by LB  (That’s LB of LB Tip – see Blogroll on right). The thing was George hadn’t done a movie review since…. Well…. the thing was that George had never before written a movie review in his life. So, it was against all advice and against his own better judgment, that George put on his movie reviewer’s hat and headed for the theater. Only to stop at the door, walk back into the house, turn on the computer and watch the 12 minute short on UTube.images

George writes:

Parallel Avenue – A Story of L.A.

This film Parallel Avenue is quite remarkable. It is beautifully constructed and beautifully shot. For a 12 minute film it tells a lot of story, and shows so many lovely views and images – all of them of Los Angeles. The idea of representing – indeed personifying and personalizing – the city (Los Angeles) through the stories of five young women was quite brilliant. Particularly impressive was the clarity and beauty of the cinematography. I give this film five stars and a thumbs up! Check it out: Parallel Avenue

Simply, it was a fine piece of work. Just very interesting stuff. The quality of some of the new indie movies, in particular some of the shorter pieces like this one, is a pleasure to discover..