After he saw the short film Parallel Avenue, George Packard sat on the #28 bus and looked out at the streets passing by. Was LA a beautiful city? George wasn’t so sure. Certainly, compared to other cities in the world, L.A. was not among the most beautiful. But it was beautiful enough. There were beaches, and the mountains were never too far away, thought George. The streets at times had a beauty to them too. The film, the Parallel Avenue short, had captured some of that beauty and it had even succeeded in personalizing and personifying the city through the stories of the young women. The actresses in the film were wonderful too. In any case it provided some wonderful glimpses into LA’s soul, George concluded. Then he recalled the old spiritual Twelve Gates to the City and wondered if he could get Bumba to sing it for him. Good ol’ George.

 Twelve Gates to the City

Oh, what a beautiful city.Oh what a beautiful city

Oh, What a beautiful city

Twelves Gates to the City


Three gates to the east

Three gates to the west

Three gates to the north

        Three gates to the south

That makes twelve gates to the city Hallelujah

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