Oh, My Love, My Darling………Hey, You Better Sing Along!

When I post these songs I hope that you will sing along as you read and listen. In fact I insist that you try to sing along here because of 1) my voice, and because 2) I have already left out a lot of the words in the express hope and expectation that you will sing. I’m counting on you! Following is a song that I bet you know. I’ve spoken on this blog about songs that are classics and will be sung and enjoyed by future generations. This one looks to be in that upper echelon: a rock and roll classic that is a flower, perhaps the flower, of Doo-Wop music.

The Righteous Brothers had the big hit with it in 1965, but Elvis did it great too, as did Gene Vincent, Roy Orbison, Willie Nelson, U -2, IMG_0069IMG_0085 IMG_0086 IMG_0098, Harry Belafonte and many many others. The original song Unchained Melody, written in 1955 by Alex North and lyricist Hy Zaret, is admittedly very heavy on the schmaltz,  but is truly a lovely song and a super sweet chord progression. OK enough. Press on the arrow only if you are ready to sing.

Oh my love my darling I hunger for your touch

That long lonely night

Time goes by so slowly

But time can do so much

Are you still mine?

I need your love

I need your love

God speed your love

To me.

21 thoughts on “Oh, My Love, My Darling………Hey, You Better Sing Along!

  1. it’s good you could not hear me 🙂 … an oldie but good song. I love your pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge, has been a while since I saw that one with my own eyes.
    have a great weekend,

  2. I sang along. I did okay until falsetto was required, at which point it became a crime against music. Your version sure isn’t, though. Nice.

    Also, while I figured the RB didn’t write Unchained Melody, I hadn’t realized that they didn’t originate it.

    1. Yes. I didn’t realize it either. I actually did some research for that post! Well.. Wikopedia. It was written 10 years earlier for a movie about a guy in prison, hence the “unchained” title.

  3. Love, love, love this song – an important fixture from my teenage years and it still has the power to tug at my heart. The Righteous Brothers got their name from playing in an African American nightclub, where the patrons called out “that’s righteous, brothers!” as they sang 🙂

  4. Regardless how bad a singer you might be, this is one of those that you HAVE to sing along with – no matter what. 🙂 Thank you for this, Stephen. And yes, I sang along. Could you hear me?

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