The Three Doors

Thanks to Rich V for this week’s photo prompt for this week’s Rochelle Wisoff’s Friday Fictioneers’ 100-word Challenge.

The photos is
Poor Bumba could only think of titles for stories. Or captions for the photo. No text, just titles. Please forgive him if he got silly, but it was Friday.

1. The Doors – without Jim Morrison
2. Behind Closed Doors: A Field Study
3. Three Doors Walk Into A Bar and..
4. The Adooration of the Magi
5. The Picture of Doorian Gray
6. Oscar Wilde and The Three Doors
7. The Doorsey Brothers: Tommy Doorsey, Jimmy Doorsey, and Unnamed Guest Soloist
8. Fyodoor Dostoevsky, Isadoora Duncan, and another Unnamed Guest Soloist

18 thoughts on “The Three Doors

  1. Three Little Pigs hid behind three coloured doors.

    “Hmmm,” wondered the Big Bad Wolf. “Which door should I huff and puff down today.”

    Poor Big Bad Wolf, for he was allowed only one door to huff and puff down. Will he go hungry. “Growl.” That was his stomach 🙂

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