imagesI’ve talked on this blog about Pete Seeger numerous times so excuse me if I repeat myself. I see Pete Seeger as an American treasure. A great songwriter, musician, performer, organizer, and an inspiration to millions all over this world, Pete influenced me with his message when I was a young man starting out. His shining example encouraged me to try to do good in this world. He showed me how to play music and to make my own songs. He remains a shining light to all of us who seek justice and peace in this world, as he urges us to lift our own voices in song. I was playing Oh Had I A Golden Thread yesterday and here it is.

“You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one,” said John Lennon. Pete Seeger is more than a dreamer. He is an activist who campaigned all his life for justice, for equality. He used his music and his stature as an instrument of peace. And Pete could play the heck out of that banjo. As a performer he was charismatic. He used that power unselfishly. Hats off to Pete!