Marcus put away the letter he was writing. He would be mailing that letter as it was, handwritten. He didn’t want to mess it up. Because now he was on the #218 bus.

He continued to write, though. Only not so neatly. He would write for the Bumbastories As I Sat On The Bus Invitational. It sounded like a very prestigious and significant Invitational. He began to write:
“As I sat on the bus, the #218 bus….”

Marcus could write because the bus was standing still much of the time. The traffic was thick on Fairfax Ave. Again he started: “As I sat on the bus I began to realize that my entire life and the lives of everyone I had ever known including sweet Rosa had been….” Here he stopped.
The engines rattled beneath his seat in the back of the bus, and the road started to shake and bounce the little bus to and fro, Marcus was forced to put aside his pen. He looked out the window. They were going up through Laurel Canyon in the small, air-conditioned, commuter bus, the 218. Marcus was glad of the respite provided. The temperature was 95 degrees Farenheit outside, unusual for October. He’d put his bicycle on the front rack. Probably he’d just ride the bus back and forth. Perhaps a coffee or a cool drink somewhere around Ventura Blvd. Or maybe he’d ride further up Laurel Cyn.

The bus wound its way through the shady canyon floor. It was a bit like mountain driving – well almost. You certainly didn’t feel like you were in the city. Marcus always enjoyed driving Laurel Canyon in his car. On the bus he had the freedom to look out the window at the sunny slopes and valleys of chapperal. And they still were in L. A.
Laurel Cyn Blvd was a one-laned road through the canyon pass, usually lined with cars crossing into the Valley and back. It was one of the handful of passes through the Santa Monica mountain range.

The bus climbed its way up to the top. The crest at Mulhulland Drive lay ahead. The bus pulled and swayed at every S curve. Finally they reached the traffic light at the top of the hill. They looked out at the sweet San Fernando Valley below, as the bus stopped to discharge a passenger, another bicycle rider, at the corner of Mulhulland and Laurel. The bus began its careful descent into the Valley. Lots of brakes. Last stop was Ventura Blvd.
Marcus got off and had an iced coffee at the Coffee Bean.

The way back was uneventful.