As I Sat On The Bus Invitational (#20)

Welcome once again to the As I Sat On The Bus Invitational. Just send in your As I Sat On The Bus stories to the Comments section. If you want encouragement, just think that old Bumba has already posted 19 of these puppies, and is still going strong. And if you require further inspiration, well, just have a seat on your neighborhood bus. Once again, considerable artistic latitude is granted to those who write on trains and/or other forms of mass transportation. Also welcome are those who stand on buses, wait for buses, or just think very deeply about buses in general.

This week’s message:

A Letter of Thanks to the Los Angeles MTAimages-2

Here’s a big writers’ thank you to the Metropolitan Transit Authority. The Los Angeles MTA provides unparalleled inspiration to write, to scribble, to babble and to scrawl to my heart’s content as I bump along the city streets. And it doesn’t stop there! The MTA not only provides inspiration ON the bus. But OFF the bus too, the MTA inspires us by giving us those long, poetic waits on filthy, noisy street corners, the cars and trucks speeding past. The dust, the noise! Ah, those sweet moments….er… eternities waiting for the bus. What inspiration! And so much of it! Ah, the MTA is so generous.

But all good things come to an end. Eventually the old bus pulls up. Ah, to sit, to get a seat on the bus. The back seat no less! Thus inspired I can begin my novel.IMG_0969

This one will be a big seller. Not like my other books, this one will be commercial in spades. A murder on the first page! Strings of obsenities, chilling, nightmarish visions. A page-turner for the modern reader.

Chapter I

As I sat on the bus (Yikes!!! sorry I can’t stop it),  I considered who I would murder next. That lady up front looks good. Perfect, in fact. She looks so innocent! So sweet. Nah, too sweet. I don’t like ’em too sweet.

Let’s see. That guy on the right. He looks innocent enough, and not sweet at all. Good. I’m glad. I must admit, I always have such a hard time picking out a victim. I’m glad to get that part out of the way. I always have trouble deciding.IMG_0965

OK now. Let’s move on. The method. Axe again? Nah. I think I’ll use the hydraulic compressor this time. He’s a big guy, though. He might present some technical difficulties fitting into the…. Never mind. I could always chop him up. Nah, too messy again. Damn! I hate all that mess. Ok, let’s see. That older woman over there….

12 thoughts on “As I Sat On The Bus Invitational (#20)

  1. Thanks. The difference is that children don’t typically view my blog, nor was the blog advertised on billboards (those bloody billboards bugged me). Also, mine was tongue in cheek, while the TV Dexter was nasty and in your face.

  2. As I Sat On The Bus wondering who I should murder next, I realised the old woman across the aisle had the same thought. She had a brown paperbag – recyclable but unfriendly to trees. The bag is probably filled with doughnuts. I get the picture. She’s going to jump on her victim, sit on his chest and stuff his mouth with doughnuts. What a sweet death.

    She pressed the bell. Yes, after the dastardly deed, she plans to hop off just as the bus pulls to a stop. She got up. I tensed. She turned to me – Shit!

    “You can have my doughnuts.” She shoved the bag to me. As she stepped off the bus, she turned and addressed me again. “Never did like them choco sprinklings. Gives them a high – difficult to keep them down.”

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