Here’s to Orion

Champion of the southern skies

To Betelgeuse and Rigel

To all the stars, nebulaehs-2006-01-i-small_web[1]

And distant galaxies of his belt

To the dog star close behind

To the glory of the seasons

To the movement of time

We pause to think

We look up at Orion.

12 thoughts on “Orion

  1. A beautiful ode Stephen! You might be aware that the three largest pyramids in Giza were built to co-relate to the middles stars of Orion.

      1. You were correct the first time. Well, you’re right about no concrete proof, the pyramids are solid stone. The shaft of the king’s chamber points directly at Orion (on the first day of spring?)

  2. The Dog Star – Sirius – essential for finding your way in the Pacific. It was also the name of my first commercial fishing boat helping to provide a living (only just!) from mullet, flounder and eels way back then.

    1. I meant to add a comment, an apology to the “down-underers” for my Northern hemisphere reference to “champion of the southern skies”. Good to hear how useful Orion and Sirius are to the sailors. Good to hear from you.

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