imagesThis one ain’t for squares, or cubes. Just some music I’ve been doing. I post this 1) because I have nothing much to say today and haven’t written anything much, 2) because a little music can never be bad for you, and also 3) because that’s what I’ve been doing and anywaze it’s not a bad message to bring: to sing, unplug from the upload mode, to find some beauty in music. I’ll present a bunch of songs, and let you choose which ones to pick today. First is Bill Monroe’s classic Footprints in the Snow, which of course Bumba and Maybank do no justice to, albeit they give it a noble try. But if anyone reads or listens to this and then is prompted to look into the great Bill Monroe, well then old Bumba would be greatly gratified.

The second song is Long Black Veil, another more modern Country favorite, which is a wonderful song (Yes!! another wonderfully sad lyric), and which is a great song to play, it’s pretty easy. Join along. Bumba and Maybank love to play it, and this one is from last night.

The third song is Irene Goodnight by Hudie Ledbeter, better known as Leadbelly, which I hope you will sing along with.