One More Time — A Non-Inspirational Message and A Song

People have accused me of being cynical. They say that I’m a cynical SOB. For instance, they say things like: “Bumba, you are so cynical”, or “Bumba, you are one cynical SOB.” Hints like that. To these people I usually answer: “I don’t believe you, I’m a cynic.” Ha, Ha. That being said (and don’t you just cringe when someone says “with that being said”?) imagesthis Bumbastories blog has made it an official policy to not engage in “inspirational messages”. No way. No inspiration here, and no rest for the weary. You will find no Pollyannas camped out on this site. No Disneyesque memories to be found lurking in the margins, no power of positive thinking tidbits in any of the categories, nor any quasi-religious, shimmering sunset sorts of photographs in the header or on the horizon. Sorry folks, but no false hopes will be foist upon you here on Bumbastories. So this song title is as “inspirational” as it gets, the message being to keep on trying. That’s it: a simple blues riff I wrote a long time ago, which I still enjoy playing (I even added a rhythm track) and which I hope you enjoy too.

I may slip but I don’t fall

I may stagger but I don’t crawl

And when I get to the end of the line

I turn around and do it one more time

One more time

After all these times

You might think I’m tired

But I’m gonna give it a shot one more time

Some non-inspirational thoughts about the One More Time song:

1. Listen. I may be down. I may have failed. But I’m going to try one more time.

2. My name is Sisyphus. And guess what? I’m gonna push that rock up that hill one more time..

3. OK the 1% have taken over the government and the media and people are dumbed out and they’re going to befoul the entire planet, and they’re …Well, we, we the people, we’re just going to have to fight the good fight. One more time.

4. Hey baby. That was great. What? You want to do it again? What? You mean what? What? Well, all right. One more time.

Hey baby take my hand

I know you’re lookin for a lover man

Come on baby don’t be shy

I’m gonna love you through the night

One more time

You can’t keep a good man down

You may try, you may think you win

But let me tell you in the end my friend

He’s coming around

One more time

After all these times

You might think I’m lyin’

But I’m here again

One more time

P.S. If you’re still seeking inspirational messages see Bumba’s Inspirational Message posted without apology.

11 thoughts on “One More Time — A Non-Inspirational Message and A Song

    1. The benign indifference of the universe and all. Your video by the way was just fine. Except for when there was movement. When you showed the pages the video picture was blurry because the page was moving. You, on the other hand, were stationary and you were clearly visible – which was regrettable.

  1. a good laugh is often much better than a lot of inspiration, which can make one light-headed and bit out of focus, and probably not safe to be let out. keep on keeping on, Bumba.

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