Members Only

This week’s Friday Fictioneer’s photo prompt is this not very charming sculpture. It reminds me of belonging – or rather it reminds me of not belonging: the theme of my contribution to Friday Fictioneer’s – hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

Marcus looked up at the entranceway to the Athletic Club. He actually held in his hand a free pass to enter this exclusive white-men-only club. For years Marcus had walked past this building on his way to work. As a Black man the club was verbotten, off- limits. Now that he had a ticket in his hand, now that the club had officially integrated (by court order it was) Marcus no longer cared to enter. He crumpled the white entrance pass in his hand and squeezed it for a good while in his tightened fist before he walked on..

13 thoughts on “Members Only

  1. Under the skin, any color it is, there is a heart that beats… and has feelings…
    Even more difficult to be perceived by those who don’t follow the Buddhist path:
    our mind/soul -immaterial and immortal- choose according to his/her karma related to the Law of Cause and Effect!
    Everything will be like a wave that washes the shore…
    I wish you a lovely sunday :-)claudine

    1. Thank you, Claudine. Our shared humanity and our unity with the universe is available to all. It shouldn’t be so hard to access you wouldn’t think, but it is a struggle to keep on the good path.

  2. Dear Stephen,

    It was the principle of the thing. At least now Marcus has a choice. A refreshing and unique take on the prompt. I enjoyed this one. Sorry about any linking problems. I might be looking into oil of cloves. It can’t hurt and might even help. šŸ˜‰



  3. Why go inside to be snubbed, or worse? He can proactively snub them; he’s won this part of the battle.

    Having the entrance pass be white is a good detail in this story.

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