Sometimes it’s sad to ride on the bus. You can’t expect to be happy all the time.IMG_0999

Life is very sad. Yes, it’s true. It’s undeniably, unexplainably, and unquestionably true that life is sad. Sadness is part of life. This is, of course, Buddha’s first teaching, his first principle – sort of like Descartes’ I think therefore I am. The starting point for our consideration of life is that All is Sorrow. As I sit on the bus I entertain these kinds of thoughts. The bus helps you do that sometimes. IMG_0573

But let us not be low of cheer. We can have a good laugh sometimes. Some pleasure, some joy. Some happy blogging even! OK, maybe I’m getting carried away. But life is good too. We have to be thankful for the little moments, those pleasant times, those short waits, those empty seats at the back of the bus at the end of a long work day. Cheer up campers. Maybe you’ll get a seat.