IMG_1116Yikes! This is #25 of the As I Sat On The Bus thing. Bumba thanks the brave bloggers who have contributed to this remarkable mass transportation series, and invites one and all to make a contribution to the AISOTB Compendium and to ride the bus every now and then.

Bumbastories environmental engineers have made a rough estimate that if everyone in the (over) developed industrialized nations reduced their energy use by 20% – that means everyone uses 20% less gasoline, electricity, natural gas (also 20% less water, plastic, and paper – all of that reduction, this 20% to 22% reduction, which is indeed easily do-able without much sacrifice by anyone who claims to be worried about global warming and pollution – would make a significant difference. Bumbastories environmental engineers figure the price of a gallon of gasoline would go down by 35 to 40%, not to mention the lower doctor bills.

Ride the bus one day a week, find inspiration for an blog article.

In any case……

As I sat on the #20 bus rattling with the others up Wilshire Blvd, I thought: “What ever shall I write of next? This whole riding on the bus thing is getting a bit long in the tooth.”

“Don’t worry. You’ll think of something” a voice told me.IMG_1117

No sooner had these exact words “don’t worry, you’ll think of something” run across my mind, that a unique occurrence, an epiphany of sorts played out before my very eyes. Or rather the epiphany played out behind me. From the rear seat of the bus a young man had taken out his guitar and launched into a perfect rendition – indeed it was almost an exact copy – of Marcel Marceau’s famous 1962 recording of the Hank Williams hit Lovesick Blues

At this point I noticed that Bumba was making a quick escape from this week’s AISOTB Invitational, as he hopped off at the next stop. I myself stayed on the bus and heard the song till the end. It was OK, but I thought Marcel Marceau sung it better.