Fightin’ a Losin Battle

images-1Fightin’ a Losin Battle But Havin’ a lot of fun Tryin to Win

The great song by Brownie McGee. It was always one of my favorites. It’s such a great progression. Brownie throws that dramatic third into the blues (in the refrain) and later throws in two extra fifths (sorry, I couldn’t refrain after that first refrain). And if you add them all up you get a one great song plus a fifth to go with it.

I know I haven’t lauded Sonny Terry and Brownie Mc Gee recently here on the blog. You can check out some of my covers and posts on them if you care to. If you paste Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee in the Search section a bunch of them will pop up. Anyway, Preston and I were playing it the other night.

It’s one of Brownie’s best songs. Again, Brownie and Sonny are worth checking out. And a good weekend to all.

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