IMG_1223As I was sitting on the bus and waiting calmly for the inspiration to write to rise from the depths and wash over me (as it usually does when I sit on the bus), as I was sitting there, I had the realization that perhaps I could seek inspiration and perhaps obtain an even higher level of inspiration from another activity or venue. Depending on the buses for inspiration was so plebian, and, let us be frank, quite a dull way to obtain “inspiration”.

Yes! I would seek inspiration from…….

……Well, let’s consider the choices:

1. I could seek inspiration from Love. Ahh, how wonderful that would be!
2. I could seek inspiration to write and to live from the Beauty of the World. Ahh again!
3. I could seek inspiration from the Lord the Creator. Ahh and Amen, brother!
4. I could seek inspiration from the Grandeur of the Universe. Ahh again! Double Ahh!

There were clearly some viable and some very well-established avenues of inspiration open to me. There were clear alternatives to my artistic and philosophical dependency on buses and other modes of mass transportation.

A voice said from the back of my head:

“Think it over, Bumba. It’s not a bad idea. You could forget about the buses. You could even forget about writing for a while. You could engage in what they call Life for a while. Life, in and of itself can be pretty inspiring I’ve heard say.”

“Never!!!” I responded.

However, as I sat on the bus I began to consider my choices……IMG_1224