I know I’ve mentioned and hailed the great Irving Berlin before on this blog, and even tried to do Alexander’s Ragtime Band, for which I offer no apologies. Well, here’s another Berlin hit Always. images

I’ve heard the story told (several times, so apparently it’s true) that Berlin could only play piano in the key of F#. When he had gigs (he toured for the US troops with the USO during WWII) he needed to bring along some sort of piano capo. It’s hard to believe that he was not more musically accomplished. Because surely he was musically accomplished. As I say, I don’t get it. Anyhoo…. Once I heard the chords for Always I immediately loved the song. It was written in the year of 1925. It’s a song which – if you’ve never heard of it – is one to check out. There are zillions of versions of Always recorded by nearly everybody who sings in English. I hope you’ll enjoy the song if you click on it, and that you’ll be motivated to go hear it done properly. As I say, it’s been done by most all the great American vocalists. I heard Groucho sing it wonderfully. Frank Sinatra. Everybody. It’s been recorded a lot. It’s just such a beautiful chord progression, and overall beautiful song.

An added note: To those of you who already know this song, please feel free to sing along.  As you may have noticed, Bumba’s voice is far from mellifluous, so PLEASE SING ALONG.